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Chang’s for the memories: Momofuku Seiobo, Sydney

URBAN LEGEND GOES THAT 90 years ago, the Grecian-style, 2000-seat Star amphitheatre was built in Balmoral to await Christ’s Second Coming through Sydney Heads. Close, but no Rapture. A mystical offshoot of the Theosophical Society was responsible, but alas their Indian-born messiah, Krishnamurti, rejected his anointment and followers. Eventually, Sydney’s one true religion, ... Read more...

It’s all Greek to meze: The Apollo, Potts Point

THE TIME ARRIVES IN EVERYONE'S LIFE when they ask: where did I come from? In a mongrel nation of immigrants like Australia, that interesting search often leads in life-changing directions, or at least to an SBS documentary. If you’re a chef, it’s handy if part of your family hails from an exotic ... Read more...

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