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Are you being served?

A version of this story originally appeared in Good Living in April 2007, so the figures, references and workplaces of people who've since moved to other roles, date from that time. Much of what's predicted has turned out to be true.   I SPENT THREE YEARS as a waiter before increasingly homicidal ... Read more...

Sometimes there are no words, just grief

I wrote this essay for Marie Claire magazine's August 2011 edition. It speaks for itself.

What makes a good burger?

I adore a good hamburger. I make them for my kids all the time and they love 'em too (between us, just don't let them know I stick several different vegies in the mince, from carrot to celery, mushies, zucchini, broccoli and lately, even fennel.) Neil Perry makes his pattie from ... Read more...

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