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It’s all Greek to meze: The Apollo, Potts Point

THE TIME ARRIVES IN EVERYONE'S LIFE when they ask: where did I come from? In a mongrel nation of immigrants like Australia, that interesting search often leads in life-changing directions, or at least to an SBS documentary. If you’re a chef, it’s handy if part of your family hails from an exotic ... Read more...

Tag: Janni Kyritsis

Cooking with Janni Kyritsis

JANNI KYRITSIS IS COVERED IN BLOOD and feeling nostalgic. It’s 20 years since he used to make blood sausage with Gay Bilson at Berowra Waters Inn. He glances at the recipe for a prompt before memory and instinct take over, forcing the burgundy-coloured mix through a funnel and into the sausage ... Read more...

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