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Cooking with Janni Kyritsis

JANNI KYRITSIS IS COVERED IN BLOOD and feeling nostalgic. It’s 20 years since he used to make blood sausage with Gay Bilson at Berowra Waters Inn. He glances at the recipe for a prompt before memory and instinct take over, forcing the burgundy-coloured mix through a funnel and into the sausage ... Read more...

Tag: Tony Bilson

L’Astrance, Paris, where mystery and mirth combine

We’re about seven courses into lunch at l’Astrance, the cult Parisian three-star, when our waiter announces we now have a test. A small bowl arrives. A dollop of something glistening and white, yet freckled, like a diamond on velvet, sits in the middle of a pillowy white substance. Before we can ... Read more...

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